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A victim of the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.

  Today kids and teens are seeing things on social media and trying to imitate it. That is called a challenge. There is the Kylie Jenner lip
, where you take a shot glass and put your lips through it.

Then you have to suck up all the air out of the cup and what 30 seconds. You take your lips out and you apparently get Kylie Jenner lips. But there are lots more challenges then the Kylie one. Some are good and some are bad and dangerous but people are dumb and do welcome-2it anyway.  But some are funny to watch!

Have you done any challenges? Tell me in comments what you did and why. Take this poll down below.

People in this world mainly care about their phones and how people look at them. BUT THE WORLD SHOULD NOT BE LIKE THAT. We should care about other people too.

Here are some facts about social media that will surprise you

  • 56% of americans have a profile on social media.
  • 76% of twitter users now post status updates
  • Instagram  has over 500 million downloads
  • 77.6% of social media users are in the US

some abbreviations:

  • Youtube – YT
  • Social Media – SM
  • Twitter – Tw
  • Facebook – FB
  • Instagram – IG
  • Adorable – adorbs
  • conversation – convo
  • laughing out loud – lol
  • OMG – Oh my god
  • WCW: Womancrush Wednesday
  • HMU: Hit me up
  • Txt: Text


Most of you have heard or used youtube, right? Youtube is an app where you look up funny videos or music you can listen to. Lots of trends started on youtube too. There are many famous people now that started on youtube and are now known all across the US.

If you have not used or downloaded youtube then you do not know what you are missing. It is a good app to catch up on the latest trends that you might have missed or did not know about. Youtube is a great app.


Hi. i want to tell you all about myself. I like to just hang out with my friends and have a good time. My friends are really important to me and I would be doing nothing without them. My dream in life is to be a wildlife conservationist and it is where you safe endangered wilflife. Do you have any dreams of what you want to be in life? comment what you want to be in the comments below. 

One of my favorite hobbies is dance and I do ballet, contempuary, tap, jazz and hip hop. I love doing dance because it keeps me active and it is a lot of fun. I take dance classes at Girls Inc. and they are a great place to drop off your kid for classes. Do you have any hobbies? I like going to gym at school because my friends are there and my teachers are nice and they make it so muce more fun then it is. 

I have really good grades and I like to go to school. I know not all kids like school because of all of the work and teachers. My teachers are so nice and barely give out homework. So that is why I like school. 

My sister just had her baby and they live with us. I sometimes have to change him. He is so very adorable and handsome. So yeah that is all I am going to tell you because if I go on then I will bore you and I will never finish. So comment beloe who you are and what you like to do and I will get back to you. Bye!


The galaxy s4

13.03.14-Galaxy_S4  The galaxy phones are amazing to use just as much as the iPhones are. The galaxy s4 is a good phone to use and it is helpful. First of all you can disable S voice for faster navigation.  You can turn off any annoying samsung sounds that may bother you. It can use shortcuts to call or message contacts.

Another thing it can do is that now you can access the hidden settings in the phone. it can secure your lock screen notifications. We all love watching tv and with the galaxy s4 you can control the tv with your phone.

It can allow you to use your voice for controls and you can get a better launcher. you can activate smart stay. If you like making your home screen nice and cool so on this phone you can customize your home and lock screen.

The keyboard can be made smarter with this phone. you can supercharge your camera and it can save more battery with smarter wifi. For those of you who love to take photos then this phone will help because it has an upgraded camera.

That is all I have for you today about the galaxy s4 and please like and follow the blog if you learned something. Bye…

The iPhone 6

The IPhone 6 is a lot thinner than the 5s and 5c. You can add voice, video and location to any message. For the first time in apple history the home screen can be horizontal. The keyboard knows what you are going to say. It may sound creepy but it’s not, it only means that when you are trying to type and you did it wrong, your phone will know and correct it for you. 

The iPhone 6 and the plus are both bigger than the 5s and the 5c. The phone had equal or bigger battery life on every metric than the 5s. The camera on this phone is way better and can take a great photo even when you are shaking the camera. It can be good for people who have shaky hands. 



The iPhone 5c


The iPhone 5c is the same size as the 5s and the 5. It has a 4- inch retina display with rounded corners. It was equipped with an 8 megapixel rear camera that shoots video 1080, and a 1.2 megapixel FaceTime HD camera that shoots video 720p. The 5c runs on the IOS7.

This phone comes in 5 different colors. Pink, blue, green, white and yellow. All of these colors are really great. All of the different colors come with a a front black panel.

It offers a higher capacity than the iPhone 5. The price for the phone is $99 with the 2 year contract or $199 for the 32GB version. If you have T- mobile then it will also offer an unlocked version of the phone for $549. I should probably tell you that the power button is on the top of the phone.

That is all the facts on the iPhone 5c that I can write but I hope that I gave you some knowledge on that phone.

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